Easter Newsletter – 2013

Easter  2013

Dear friends of St. Paul’s Abbey,

Happy Easter! God the Father showed us his great and unthinkable love and mercy through the death and resurrection of his beloved Son Jesus Christ. May the risen Lord give you and your loved ones His abundant grace, peace and happiness. We pray that you have a glorious and blessed Easter season.

 Brief Monastery News

The first Mass of Fr. Bede and the renewal of temporary vows of Br. Marinus Kim: Fr. Bede went to Waegwan Abbey, Korea to prepare for his ordination on June 14, 2012 and was ordained on Jan. 25, 2013. On Feb. 27, he returned home from Waegwan Abbey and then he celebrated his first mass in our chapel on March 3 at 11:00 a. m. Around 140 people attended the Mass and congratulated him. Now Fr. Bede works at the retreat house and gift shop. On Jan. 10, Br. Marinus renewed his vows before God and this community for two more years. He returned to Mount Angel Seminary on Jan. 12.

 Visitors: We always welcome guests and visitors to our community. On Jan. 7, Sr. Anastasia visited us and stayed until Jan. 15. She had finished school and returned to her convent in Tanzania at the end of January. She came here to say thanks and good-bye to the brothers and friends because she received some help from them while she studied here. On Jan. 14, four Korean Olivetan sisters stayed over night here to make a retreat. On Jan. 16, Fr. Matthew’s cousin, Miss Na-Youn Kim, visited here from Korea until Feb. 13. While she was here, she took trips to several places with Fr. Matthew. Fr. Peter Ahn, who returned to Waegwan Abbey in April 2012, arrived for a visit on Jan. 30 along with Fr. Jae Hwa Lee, a priest of the Philadelphia Archdiocese, and his friend Young Ho Kim.

He came here to maintain an American Permanent Residence Card. We had a good time having supper together with him. On Feb. 7, he returned to Korea. On March 11, Abbot Joel’s sister, Mrs. Louise Maculvisited here until March 15. She will visit here again on Holy Saturday. Abbot Joel’s two other sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Macul and Mrs. Mary Macul also will visit here to make an Easter Triduum Retreat. On March 25, Fr. Changhang Sebastian Lee came here to hear confessions for our brothers and stayed over night.

Our Brothers: Fr. Prior Samuel and Abbot Joel attended an annual abbots and priors meeting at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, CA from Feb. 1 to 5. Fr. Samuel went to Tacoma, WA from March 7 to March 11 to give some Lenten lectures for the Tacoma Korean community about how we can feel God’s grace and love through our prayers, and especially about Lectio Divina. From March 16 to March 17, he also gave a Lenten retreat for the retreants at our Abbey talking about God’s grace and our response. Abbot Joel went to the Carmelite Hermitage in Chester, NJ to celebrate Mass several times and also went twice to St. Patrick Parish in Chatham to give some Lenten talks. Abbot Emeritus Augustine is in good health. Even though he is weak, he sometimes can drive his motorized-wheelchair outside the monastery buildings. Deacon Owen will preside at the wedding ceremony for his niece sometime in April. As usual, we were invited by Bishop Serratelli of Paterson Diocese to join him on Feb. 10 for Vespers and a reception to celebrate World Day for Consecrated Life at St. Philip’s Parish. Br. Luke and Br. Bernardo joined the event and Br. Bernardo prayed one of the prayers in Korean. On March 16, Br. Luke went to St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison, Kansas to attend the abbatial blessing of newly elected Abbot James on March 17. Br. David permanently returned to Waegwan Abbey on Jan. 22. He came here five years ago and worked at the Christmas tree farm. Now Fr. Odilo is in charge of the farm. Travelling with Br. David, Br. Pontiano also went to Korea for his home vacation. After renewing his visa, he will return to Newton on May 22.

We have to report some sad news. On March 3, Mrs. Cecilia Baek, who is the mother of Fr. Augustine So, passed away at 8:30 in the evening. Fr. So had gone to Korea on Feb. 13 to be with his mother in her last moments. On March 14, Mrs. Mary Inwon Go, who is Fr. Matthew’s grandmother, passed away at 9:00 in the morning. Fr. Matthew also went to Korea to attend the funeral Mass. He returned home March 27.

Dear friends of St. Paul’s Abbey, we always thank you for your prayers and support. We keep trying to prosper and firmly plant the Benedictine monastic way of life in this ground, even though it is not easy to prosper financially and spiritually under our present condition. We believe that Jesus Christ, who was resurrected from death, will never disappoint us if we trust him with good faith and hope. We are grateful for your friendship and kindness and pray that Jesus Christ will repay your good deeds with abundant gifts and grace, especially Easter grace. May the Risen Lord’s peace and happiness always be with you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Samuel Kim, OSB, Prior
and the monks of St. Paul’s Abbey

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