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성 안드레아 김대건 사제의 편지에서

7월 5일  † 한국 성직자들의 수호자 성 김대건 안드레아 사제 순교자 대축일 성 안드레아 김대건 사제의 편지에서 (제23신의 발췌, 옥 안에서, 1846년 8월 26일: 이원순, 허인 편저, 1975년, 정음사) 그들은 저를 잡아 가지고 상륙한 뒤에, 옷을 벗기고 다시 마구 때리며 온갖 능욕을 가하다가 관가로 압송했는데, 거기에는 많은 사람들이 모여 있었습니다. 관장이 제게 묻기를 “네가 천주교인이냐?” – […]

From the final exhortation of Andrew Kim Taegon, priest and martyr

July 5th – Andrew Kim Taegon, St. Paul Chong, Priest, Catechist and their companions, Martyrs From the final exhortation of Andrew Kim Taegon, priest and martyr (Pro Corea Documenta, ed. Mission Catholique Séoul, Séoul/Paris, 1938, vol. 1, 74-75) Love and perseverance are the crown of faith My brothers and sisters, my dearest friends, think again […]

Happy Fourth of July !!

Happy Independence Day !!!   God of justice, Father of truth, who guide creation in wisdom and goodness to fulfillment in Christ your Son, open our hearts to the truth of his Gospel, that your peace may rule in our hearts and your justice guide our lives. from the Collect of the Mass on the […]

Old post cards of St. Paul’s Abbey

1. The apple orchard, under the care of the Brothers, supplies the Abbey with fresh fruit and apple cider, which is sold through the Abbey Gift Shop. 2. St. Paul’s Minor Seminary where young men aspiring to the priesthood as Benedictine Monks of St. Paul’s Abbey attend their four years of high school. 3. From […]

[Obituary] + Brother Michael Sok-cheol Yi

† Brother Michael Sok-cheol Yi 13 December 1914 – 26 May 2018 Brother Michael, the eldest member of Waegwan Abbey, died peacefully in our infirmary on 26 May at 11:20 p.m. He was 104 year old and in the 77th year of his vows. Brother Michael was born in Seoul on 13 December 1914 as […]