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[Obituary] + Brother Michael Sok-cheol Yi

† Brother Michael Sok-cheol Yi 13 December 1914 – 26 May 2018 Brother Michael, the eldest member of Waegwan Abbey, died peacefully in our infirmary on 26 May at 11:20 p.m. He was 104 year old and in the 77th year of his vows. Brother Michael was born in Seoul on 13 December 1914 as […]

2017 성탄 소식

2017 성탄 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!               우리를 죄와 죽음에서 구원하시고 하느님 아버지의 크신 사랑을 보여 주시기 위해 우리에게 오신 주 예수 그리스도의 성탄의 은총과 자비와 사랑이 2017년 한해도 아낌없는 사랑과 관심을 보여주신 모든 분들께 가득 깃들기를 바라며 기도합니다. 한해를 뒤돌아보면 좋은 일도 있었고 힘든 일들도 있었지만, 주님께서 늘 함께 하시고 은총으로 이끌어 […]

2017 Christmas Letter

Christmas 2017 Dear Friends of St. Paul’s Abbey, As we give thanks for your kindness and help which you gave us throughout the year of 2017 and ask the blessings of Jesus Christ for you, we greet you from St. Paul’s Abbey. We hope you had a blessed Christmas and a hopeful New Year of […]

Newsletter from Africa – Aug, 2017

September 2017 Dear Friends of Africa, As of the end of June I have been in the United States on home leave. I have been meeting with friends and benefactors and spending very special time with family and both close and distant relatives. This is I must say the most agreeable part of my visit. […]

Newsletter from Africa – Mar, 2017

Dear Friends of Africa,                                                                                                March 2017   In any society including our African villages there are those people who stand out, the ne-er-do-wells by the score, that is the do nothings, the mafia type who thrive on the fear they instil to achieve their nefarious ends, then the common folk who make up the majority […]