Newsletter – 2023 Spring (E)

Dear Friend of St. Paul’s Abbey,  

Greetings from St. Paul’s Abbey. It seems like it hasn’t been long since we started 2023, the Year of Rabbit. We are already at the threshold of Lent, the liturgical time of repentance and recompense. As we know, Lent is the time to prepare for the resurrection of the glorious Lord by joining the suffering of Jesus Christ, who became human, suffered, and died on the cross, and renewing our faith life with repentance, good deeds, and fasting. Lent is also the time to meditate and appreciate the love of Jesus Christ for us, for his sacrifice on the cross on behalf of our sins, more so than our repentance and good deeds. Therefore, through prayer and fasting, good deeds with love for the Lord Christ, we are invited to participate in the Lord’s suffering and finally join in the glory of his resurrection. We pray that you may live a blessed Lent immersed in the love of Jesus, which will lead you to participate in His holy and sacred resurrection. 

I want to announce a significant fact about the abbey. We have decided with the post office of the township of Newton to use only one single address. Therefore, our former mailing address of “P.O. Box 7” is no longer valid. Our mailing address is as below, and I sincerely hope this will not create any confusion for you, our dear friend of the abbey.  

St. Paul’s Abbey  

289 Route 206  North 

Newton, NJ 07860  

Dear friends of St. Paul’s Abbey, our Newton community is always grateful for your prayers and help, and we pray that the Lord’s abundant grace and love will always be with you. Thank you. 

Fr. Samuel Kim, O.S.B., Prior  
and the monks of St. Paul’s Abbey.  

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  1. Barbara Buttermilch
    Barbara Buttermilch says:

    I wasn’t aware until today that you stopped the PO box and last week I sent to cards up, one to Fr. Samuel and the other to Abbot Joel. I hope you will get them.


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