If you will want to be truly happy – Fr. Augustine

20111008 Saturday of the Twenty-Seventh Week in Ordinary Time (Lk 11:27-28)

My dear brothers and sisters, today we are celebrating mass for Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday, and we are keeping monthly day of recollection from midday yesterday.

The month of October especially is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. Most of us have called the Rosary our favorite prayer, in which we meditate with Mary upon the mysteries which she as a mother meditated on in her heart.

During the month of October, let us consider the beautiful prayer of the Rosary as means that we can use in order to draw closer to Jesus and Mary by meditating on the mysteries of our salvation.

If you will want to be truly happy …,

According to today’s Gospel we are surely happy. Because we are hearing and living God’s Word, maybe we are more blessed than Holy Mary was in being mother of God. However, this does not mean you are more blessed than Mary. We pray and sing in the Magnificat every evening that Holy Mary is blessed among women and called blessed by all the ages because she was Jesus’ mother and she was faithful in keeping the word of God.

Our God wants us to be blessed, yes, he wants our happiness. It is a kind of happiness which is greater than the joy of living, because we believe in an endless and eternal life. In today’s Gospel Holy Mary is not only blessed because she carried Jesus and nursed him but also because she heard the word of God and observed it. This is the same way in which we are blessed. If we truly seek happiness, may the blessings of happiness be ours through living God’s word.

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