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Jan. 1, 2012 – Abbot Joel

January 1 – Mary, Mother of God Numbers 6:22-27 Galatians  4:4-7 Luke 2:16–21  We complete the feast of the birth of Christ by moving from the child in the manger to those around him. In particular, we are invited on today’s feast to focus on the woman, Mary. Part of the mystery of the birth […]

The companions of Christ – Fr. Augustine

20111228 Feast of the Holy Innocents, martyrs (Mt 2:13-18)  My dear brothers and sisters, On forth day in the octave of Christmas we are celebrating the feast of the Holly Innocents, martyrs. The Holy Innocents were the first victims and silently witnesses of the Holy Child Jesus. I hope and pray that we share their […]

Magnificat Anima mea Dominum – Fr. Augustine

20111222 Thursday of the Fourth Week of Advent (Lk 1:46-56)  My dear brothers and sisters, As we know that today is the winter solstice, the shortest day with the longest night of the year, called ‘Dong ji'(동지) in Korean. This is one of the important times of the year for Koreans. Old Koreans considered this […]

John was a burning and shining lamp – Fr. Augustine

20111216 Friday of the Third Week of Advent (Jn 5:33-36)   My dear brothers and sisters, As Advent draws near to its end, Christmas is just 10 days away. As we know that Jesus was not born in order to invent Christmas. Jesus was born to do much more important things than that!  The Lord […]

A Prayer Seeking God – Fr. Augustine So

20111207 Memorial of Saint Ambrose, bishop and doctor of the Church (Mt 11:28-30) My dear brothers and sisters, Today we are celebrating the memorial of Saint Ambrose(337?-397), Bishop of Milan. He was one of four original doctors of the Church, that is, St. Ambrose ranks with Augustine, Jerome and Gregory the Great, as one of […]

This is the way, walk in it. – Fr. Augustine

20111203 Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier, priest (Mt 9:35-10:1, 5a, 6-8) My dear brothers and sisters, Today we are celebrating the memorial of Saint Francis Xavier(1506-1552), in Spanish Francisco Xavier, he was a priest, religious, missionary and co-founder of the Society of Jesus. He was a student of Ignatius of Loyola and one of the […]

Let our minds be in harmony with our voices – Fr. Augustine

20111122 Memorial of Saint Cecilia, virgin and martyr (Lk 21:5-11) My dear brothers and sisters, today we are celebrating the memorial of Saint Cecilia, virgin and martyr. This saint was martyred in the second or third century at Rome and she is one of most honored martyrs since the early years of the Church. At […]